Tips for Hiring a Proposal Photographer | Washington DC Surprise Proposal Photographer

I love photographing couples in love and it really excites me when I'm able to capture a surprise marraige proposal! More then just photographing these exciting moments I enjoy being able to collaborate and plan out the proposal and all its details. From the location, to the timing, to how it will all go down a lot of planning goes into capturing these memories. 

I developed a few tips to choosing a photographer to photograph your proposal (a moment that only happens once!) 



Choose an experienced photographer. Has the photographer photographed proposals before? Ask to view portfolios of images of recent proposals and view there work. Make sure you have confidence in their work. Proposals are a differnt ballgame. A photographer cannot pose or create the moment. He/she must know the proper planning needed to ensure the moment can be captured the best way possible! 

Planning. Make sure your photographer is taking the time to work with you to plan your proposal. Unlike controlled engagement or portrait sessions much more planning and expertise must go into a proposal session. You should be confident that your photographer will be able to successfully capture the moment through proper planning. 

Ask Questions. Ask your photographer as many questions as you'd like. There is no such thing as a dumb question. Most couples have never hired a professional photographer before. Be sure you feel comfortable. 

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