What is a "First Look"? 3 Pros to Having a First Look on Your Wedding Day

The "first look" is the moment you see your soon to be spouse for the first time on your wedding day in your wedding attire. The first look can be a staged moment before the ceremony opposed to the traditional way of seeing other for the first time when you walk down the aisle. 

Here are some Pros to having a first look before your ceremony: 

  1. By having the first look before the ceremony we can capture all your wedding party and family photos so there are no more or less group photos to do after the ceremony. Everyone will be freshly done with hair and makeup and looking their best. 
  2. Some couples find that it's easier to relax during their ceremony if they have seen each other prior, however some couples like to keep this special moment reserved for the ceremony.
  3. More time for portraits. Without the first look before the ceremony all portraits would have to be after the ceremony where time may be limited by cocktail hour. By doing portraits before the ceremony you will be able to enjoy your cocktail hour with your guest

Deciding wether to have a first look or not is a huge factor in determining your photography timeline. If you have any other questions or thoughts regarding a first look and your wedding day timeline please feel free to reach out!